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Council Minutes
October 2007

A regular meeting of Council was held on Monday, October 01, 2007, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Centre, Trinity.

Members Present:
Mayor Jim Miller
Deputy Mayor Eric Coleridge
Councillor Scott Goldsworthy
Councillor Joan Kane
Councillor Tineke Gow
Councillor George Hayter
Town Clerk Linda Dalton

Delegates: Linda Barce

Visitors: Gerald Hiscock & Helene Gareau

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 2007-10-73: was made by Councillor Kane to adopt the minutes of September 10, 2007, it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:
Mayor Miller informed Council that he had a meeting with Jeff Green earlier in the day and the application is being prepared to submit to ACOA for the additional amount of funding to cover the cost to bring high speed internet to Trinity and Port Rexton. He went on to explain that Persona had projected that they would be hooking up Bishop White in Port Rexton in September but due to trouble finding linesmen to complete the work they have now changed their time schedule to December which could be beneficial to us should our application get approved.

Sub Committee Report:
Festival Committee - Town Clerk explained that the budget has been finalized for the Trinity Day weekend and all invoices have been paid except for the fire works. She went on to explain that we have a surplus of $6,162.50 including what was left from the year before until the fire works invoice is received. Councillor Kane suggested checking with the bank to find out if we can put this money into a GIC to gain more interest.

Mayor Miller explained that the representative of Molsons has been in contact to inform that we will be receiving $1000.00 grant. He explained that the funding was applied for to build a hut to serve as a bandstand in the ball field area for the Trinity Festival weekends.

Finance Committee - Mayor Miller explained that we would need a finance committee meeting prior to the next regular meeting to set the guidelines for the 2008 budget. The committee agreed to meet on October 22nd, at 2:00 p.m.

Delegate Linda Barce - Ms. Barce requested permission for approval in principle to build a house located at 14 Clinchs Lane. Mayor Miller explained the process of applying for a building permit and informed Ms. Barce to pick up a copy of the Heritage guidelines at the Town Office. Ms. Barce left the meeting.

Correspondence Received
a) CBDC Re: New Executive Director for the CBDC is Melanie Slade. Sept. 13/07 - File
b) Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Re: Canadas Citizenship Week October 15 - 21. Sept. 13/07 - File
c) Bonavista Area Chamber of Commerce Re: Town becoming a member of the Chamber. Sept. 13/07 - Mayor Miller informed Council that we may miss opportunities by deciding not to partner with other organizations and communities. Council decided not to become a member.
d) Fred Best Re: Changes to the Municipal Assessment Agency. Sept. 13/07 - File
e) Crime Stoppers Re: Information on Crime Stoppers. Sept. 19/07 - File
f) Destination St. Johns Re: 2008 Visitors Guide ad. Sept. 20/07 - File
g) Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Recreation Re: Tourism Destination Development Workshop on October 4th, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Grand Falls-Windsor. Sept. 20/07 - File
h) Copies of letters Hatch sent to Ron Goulding and Robert Picco Re: construction cost estimate and specifications to extend sewer to West Street. Sept. 24/07 - File
i) Dept. of Natural Resources, Mineral Lands Division Re: Quarry permit approval for Bayview Equipment located 200m W of Route 239, Goose Cove. Sept. 24/07 - A discussion took place and Councillor Kane had some concerns regarding the quarry becoming an eye sore within the community. Town Clerk explained that Bayview Equipment has to get letters from the surrounding home owners supporting or rejecting the quarry before Natural Resources will approve the application. Council agreed to approve the quarry application.

Outgoing Correspondence
- Letter to Chris Hiscock Re: Quarry permit - File
- Letter to Ervin Locke Re: Quarry permit -File
- Letter to Frank & Shirley Bartlett Re: Business Tax on cottages - File
- 20 tax reminder letters - File

Total invoices needing approval in Operating Acct. $ 8,806.38
Total Income for Operating Account $ 5,230.90
Motion 2007-10-74:
was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to pay the outstanding invoices in the operating account and accept the finances in the operating account, it was seconded by Councillor Hayter. All in agreement, motion carried.

Status of bank account:
Operating Acct. September 28, 2007 $80,438.18
Capital Acct. September 28, 2007 $ 6,387.0
1 Trinity Day Festival September 28, 2007 $6,162.50
Motion 2007-10-75:
was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to accept the finances in the capital account, it was seconded by Councillor Kane. All in agreement, motion carried.

General/New Business
Snow Clearing - A discussion took place regarding what roads will be kept open during the snow clearing seasons, and Council agreed that some of the roads were not necessary to be cleared. Mayor Miller explained that the Town Clerk did some investigating with other towns and was informed that any roads with a dwelling located on them should be open in case of a fire. Council agreed that the document that was presented for review regarding snow clearing was acceptable with the addition that Railway Road would be kept open. Town Clerk to place an ad in the Packet for snow clearing on a contracted unit price from November 2007 to April 2008.

Bernice Vokey requested to in-fill land located at 64 Route 239. Councillor Kane had some concerns regarding where the covert was because of the water that holds up in the current area and requested that the Department of Work Services be contacted for approval first. Town Clerk to inform.

Councillor Hayter had some concerns regarding where the generator would be housed for the winter. Mayor Miller explained that he has scheduled a meeting with Ron Goulding to come to Trinity on October 16th to meet with himself and Glen Vokey, Water & Sewer Systems Operator to find a solution for the generator and the lift stations.

Motion 200710-76: was made by Councillor Gow to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m., it was seconded by Councillor Goldsworthy. All in agreement, motion carried.

Next regular meeting to be held November 5, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Centre.

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