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Council Minutes
November 2007

A regular meeting of Council was held on Monday, November 5, 2007, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Centre, Trinity.

Members Present:
Mayor Jim Miller
Deputy Mayor Eric Coleridge
Councillor Scott Goldsworthy
Councillor Joan Kane
Councillor Tineke Gow
Councillor George Hayter
Councillor Sherry Locke
Town Clerk Linda Sweet

Delegates: Fire Chief, Fred Goldsworthy and Assistant Chief, Doug Ballett

Visitors: Gerald Hiscock & Helene Gareau

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 2007-11-77: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to adopt the minutes of October 1, 2007, it was seconded by Councillor Hayter. All in agreement, motion carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:

Mayor Miller informed Council that Joe Dunphy, Ron Goulding and Haseen Khan were in Trinity on October 16th, and met with Glen Vokey and himself to discuss the possibility of an emergency overflow on the lift station near Boyd Coleridge' sawmill and housing the generator and wiring for emergency power outages. Mayor Miller explained that we received word from Ron Goulding that the overflow on the lift station was approved to date.

Councillor Kane inquired about putting the Trinity Festival funding into a GIC. Town Clerk explained that the committee are still active and using monies from the account. Council agreed to leave the funding in the Town's operating account.

Councillor Kane inquired about the in-fill of land on Route 239. Town Clerk explained that she contacted the Department of Work Services and Max Prince came and looked at the land in question and asked the owner to put a request in writing and he would forward a copy of his reply to the Town.

Councillor Sherry Locke was sworn in.

Fire Department:
Fire Chief, Fred Goldsworthy inquired as to when the generator be moved from the Fire Department as they needed the bay to do work on the Cube Van. Mayor Miller explained that until the generator finds a permanent house which will hopefully be soon it will remain at the Fire Department.
Assistant Chief, Doug Ballett explained that the fire truck was due for inspection and Council agreed to have the truck brought to Stevenson's. As well, the Cube Van needed to be brought to Ford in Clarenville to have the injectors checked.

Special Events Committee:
Town Clerk explained that we needed a representative from Council to take over the Special Events Committee, Councillor Locke agreed to be the Chairperson.

Heritage Committee:
Deputy Mayor Coleridge explained that the Heritage Committee met today and recommended to approve the request from Elizabeth & Ed Burry to build a shed and extension and fencing to existing deck. Council agreed to approved the shed as per drawings, but the deck and fencing was debatable.
Council had concerns that the fencing around the deck would not be traditional style with the historic area. Council voted and Deputy Mayor Coleridge, Councillors' Goldsworthy, Locke and Hayter approved the decking and railing while Mayor Miller, Councillors' Gow and Kane were against. As the new Town Plan had no provisions in place the deck and railing were approved.
Deputy Mayor Coleridge explained that the committee requested a copy of the land survey before any recommendations could be made with the request to renovate or build at 16 Water Street. Deferred until land survey was obtained.

Finance Committee:
Mayor Miller informed Council that the Committee met on October 16th, and recommended that $19,844.00 be exempt from the Town's books for business and interest tax that has been outstanding and some of this was dated back since 2005. Motion 2007-11-78: was made by Councillor Kane to exempt $19,844.00 in business and interest tax, it was seconded by Councillor Goldsworthy. All in agreement, motion carried.
Mayor Miller explained that the committee will meet again before the end of November to discuss and make recommendations to the 2008 budget.

Correspondence Received
a) Glenys Hiscock Re: Poll tax exemption. Oct 01/07 - A discussion took place and Council agreed that if we exempted this Poll Tax we would then need to revisit everyone's Poll Tax therefore the request for exemption was denied. Town Clerk to inform.
b) Industry Canada Re: New Procedures for Installing Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems. Oct 04/07 - File
c) Government Services Re: Boil Water Advisory removed September 17th. Oct 04/07 - File
d) Canada-NL Infrastructure Program Re: Phase Two of Water & Sewer project completed. Oct 09/07 - File
e) Royal Canadian Mounted Police Re: Annual Community Leaders meeting on November 6th, at 7:00 p.m. in Bonavista. Oct. 09/07 - Mayor Miller will be attending.
f) Government Services Re: Final approval for Paul Snows sewage system. Oct. 17/07 - File
g)*** Dennis Shea Re: Town's emergency plan adopted by Minster Byrne. Oct. 17/07 - Motion 2007-11-79: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to adopt the Town's Emergency & Disaster Plan, it was seconded by Councillor Kane. All in agreement, motion carried. Town Clerk to copy and distribute the plan to all the necessary persons.
h) Department of Municipal Affairs Re: 2008 Budget Submission Form. Oct 18/07 - Town Clerk to start preparing for the Finance Committee meeting.
i) Department of Municipal Affairs Re: MOG $4178.00. Oct 19/07 - Deposited
j) Request from resident to have connection fee forwarded to tax bill. Oct 23/07 - Request denied.
k) Copy of letter Hatch forwarded to Municipal Affairs Re: Water & Sewer to West St. Oct. 29/07 - Tenders for this work to go in the papers on November 10th.
l) WHSCC Re: 2008 Assessment Rate. Oct. 29/07 - File
m) Copy of letter Municipal Affairs sent to the Royal Bank of Canada Re: Loan repayment. Oct. 29/07 - File
n) ACOA Re: Receipt of application for financial assistance to provide high-speed internet. Oct. 29/07 - File
o) Municipalities NL Re: 2007 Convention Guide. Oct. 29/07 - File
p) Minister of Municipal Affairs Re: Assistance with purchase of cube van denied. Nov. 01/07 - Mayor Miller to follow up with a call to Minister Wiseman's office.
q) College of the North Atlantic Re: Cultural Tourism Workshop, Nov 15 & 16. Nov. 01/07 - File

Outgoing Correspondence
- Quarry permit application sent.
- Letter to Blaine Yatabe, Land Use Planning Section Re: Future development of land.
- Letter to Ron Goulding, Environment & Conservation Re: "Emergency overflow" and housing the generator.

Total invoices needing approval in Operating Acct. $20,807.78

Total Income for Operating Account $11,811.57
Motion 2007-11-80: was made by Councillor Hayter to pay the outstanding invoices in the Operating Account and accept the finances in the Operating Account, it was seconded by Deputy Mayor Coleridge. All in agreement, motion carried.

Status of bank account: Operating Acct. November 2, 2007 $74,731.66
Capital Acct. November 2, 2007 $5,376.87
Trinity Day Festival November 2, 2007 $3,978.18
Motion 2007-11-81: was made by Councillor Kane to accept the finance in the Capital and Trinity Day Festival Account, it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

General/New Business
Town Clerk explained that she contacted Arvo McMillan to seek a price quote to have theTown Plan consolidated and the fees would be approximately $19,000. plus taxes. Council agreed that this would not be considered at this time.
Mayor Miller explained that he has been approached by several residents regrading the debris around Wayne Marsh's property. Council agreed to have the Town Clerk write Mr. Marsh as ask to have it cleaned up. Gerald Hiscock - Mr. Hiscock had concern's the street light that was placed on the corner of Bugden's Lane served very little light to the remainder of the street. He explained that the light needed to be placed half way down the lane in order to light up the street. Council disputed this as some agreed with Mr. Hiscock that the light should have been placed half way down Bugden's Lane in order to get adequate light. Mayor Miller explained that on recommendations from Newfoundland Power the light would have the best effect on the corner of the lane. Mayor Miller agreed to revisit this issue.
Mr. Hiscock had concern's regarding the quarry permit for Bayview Equipment. Mr. Hiscock explained the Development Regulations for Trinity stated "Existing or proposed residential development Minimum Distance from Mineral Working is 300 metres, Any other developed area or area likely to be developed during the life of the pit or quarry working for any purpose other than residential Minimum Distance from Mineral Working is 150 metres, and Public highway or street Minimum Distance from Mineral Working 50 is metres.".
Mayor Miller explained that the quarry permit was approved by Council due to the fact that Bayview Equipment was using this area as a quarry permit for at least the past 3 years and the Town received no objections from any of the area residents. He went on to explain that Bayview Equipment if approved by the Department of Mines and Energy would be restricted by the amount of material removed and be required to put in place a buffer to disguise the view for residents.
Town Clerk also explained that this quarry permit was not approved by the Department of Mines and Energy, Bayview Equipment has various requirements to meet prior to any activity proceeding one of which is to obtain written approval from residents within the immediate area before the quarry permit will be issued.
Gas Tax Funding - Town Clerk suggested using the Gas Tax funding for 2008 to do some necessary repairs to Railway Road. A discussion took place and Council agreed that the road needed repairs but so did the sea wall. Council agreed to have Glen Vokey do some work on the sea wall to maintain it for the winter. After some discussion Motion 2007-11-82: was made by Councillor Locke for the Town Clerk to apply for the Gas Tax funding to do necessary work on Railway Road, it was seconded by Councillor Kane. All in agreement, motion carried.
Gerald Hiscock informed Council that he has an excess amount of railway sticks that could be used to repair the wall that he would sell at a reasonable cost, and informed the Town Clerk to check with him.
Councillor Gow informed Council that the web site is moving forward and should be up and ready for January 2008.
Councillor Gow requested to be a member of the heritage committee. Deputy Mayor Coleridge agreed.

Motion 2007-11-83: was made by Deputy Mayor Coleridge to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m., it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

Next regular meeting will be held on December 3, 3007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Centre.

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