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June, 2007

A regular meeting of Council was held on Monday, June 4, 2007, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Centre, Trinity.

Members Present:
Mayor Jim Miller
Deputy Mayor Eric Coleridge
Councillor Scott Goldsworthy
Councillor George Hayter
Councillor Paulette King
Councillor Tineke Gow
Town Clerk Linda Dalton
Councillor Joan Kane
Sonia Christen and Richard Broughton arrived at 8:20 p.m.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 2007-06-43: was made by Councillor Gow to adopt the minutes of May 7, 2007 with a correction to a spelling error Locks should be Lockes, it was seconded by Deputy Mayor Coleridge. All in agreement, motion carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:
Mayor Miller informed Council that five of the six street lights are in, the one in Goose Cove near Doug Balletts that requires installing a pole should be done in the near future.

Mayor Miller informed Council that the roads have been graded and the Department of Transportation, Works and Services have made an effort the repair the road near the bank.

Mayor Miller explained that the Municipal Development Symposium that was to be held in Clarenville on June 6th, and 7th, was postponed to a later date that has not been confirmed yet.

Mayor Miller informed Council that the pledge sheets were at the Town Office for Councillors to pick up prior to the Heart & Stroke Mayors March on June 17th, at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Miller informed Council that he attended the DTTA Annual General Meeting on May 30th and reported that funding is a problem and they will be losing staff by June 8th.

Town Clerk informed Council that she has a price quote from Costal Paving Ltd. to pave the two roads (portion of Hannah Hiscocks Hill and portion of Hewitts Lane) and it is on budget with the Gas Tax Funding. She went on to explain that she requested it be done before the end of June and will follow up with Costal Paving.

Town Clerk informed Council that she had a price quote from Bartletts to provide cable from the generator to the two lift stations. She went on to explain that Ron Goulding with Environment has agreed to come to Trinity to look at the system and maybe housing the generator and running the cable is something that can be cost shared with the government under the infrastructure program.

Mayor Miller informed Council that himself and the Town Clerk will continue to work on the policy and procedures manual and hopefully have a draft document for the next meeting.

Town Clerk informed Council she has checked with several towns regarding purchasing equipment for garbage collection and snow clearing and how that applies to the tender agreement. She explained that we can purchase individual equipment less than $10,000.00 without going to tender and if we are purchasing second hand equipment we can purchase without going to tender.

Council asked the Town Clerk to seek further information on equipment, cost of insurance, etc. and inform Council.

Sub Committee Report:
Festival Committee - Councillor King informed Council that Sherry Locke has agreed to take over the festival weekend in her absence. She went on to say that the committee will be meeting within the next two weeks to put together a schedule of events. As well, Councillor King asked if the fire works could be purchased and the committee would pay. Council agreed that the committee could order up to $2,500.00 in fire works and reimburse the same as last year.

Correspondence Received
a) Dept. of Municipal Affaire Re: Approval to call tenders for Clinchs Lane. May 07/07 - File
b) Dept. of Environment and Conservation Re: New coordinator for the Operator Education, Training and Certification Section with the Water Resources Management Division. May 09/07 - Town Clerk notified Council that the Coordinator will be in Trinity on June 15th, to do some free training with Glen.
c) Cox & Palmer Re: W & T Marine - Property to be sold on behalf of the Royal Bank. May 09/07 - File
d) Service Canada Re: Job Creation Partnership file number. May 11/07 - File
e) Dept. of Tourism Re: Information updating for the Tourism website and 2008 Travellers Guide. May 14/07 - File
f) Dept. of Human Resources Re: Student Employment contract number for the Library and CAP site. May 14/07 - File
g) Heritage Foundation Re: Funding available for fisheries heritage preservation. May 15/07 - Mayor Miller explained that the Trinity Historical Society will be handling this program.
h) Town of Conception Bay South Re: 8th Anniversary of Walk a Mile. May 16/07 - File
i) Fred Hollett, Fire Commissioner Re: Permit for Fred Goldsworthy to install a Red Revolving Light and Siren on his private vehicle. May 18/07 - File
j) Copy of a letter HATCH (SGE) sent to Ron Goulding, Dept. of Environment Re: Force main for the Towns sewer system. May 18/07 - Town Clerk informed Council that Mr. Goulding will be coming to Trinity in the near future.
k) Copy of a letter sent to Karen Huys from the Dept. of Govt Services Re: Plans for proposed B & B. May 23/07 - File
l) Dept. of Municipal Affairs Re: Approval to Borrow $4,000.00 on behalf of the Provincial Govt for water and sewer. May 22/07 - Motion 2007-06-44: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to borrow $4,000.00 on behalf of the Provincial Government to go towards Clinchess Lane, it was seconded by Deputy Mayor Coleridge. All in agreement, motion carried.
m) Copy of a letter HATCH sent to Randy Dillion, Municipal Affairs Re: Tender Results for Clinchs Lane. May 30/07 - File
n) NLFM Re: LADR workshop to be held in Marystown on June 22 - 24. May 31/07 - Mayor Miller explained that he attended this workshop in Clarenville.
o) Property Owner Re: Request to have interest removed from account. June 01/07 - Town Clerk explained that the property owner was aware that interest was being added to the account and was notified in January when the invoices went out. Council made a decision that the property owner was notified, therefore request denied. Town Clerk to inform property owner of Councils decision.
p) Copy of a letter from Dept. of Environment & Conservation to Urban & Rural Planning Division Re: Shells & Fins application for Crown Lands. June 01/07 - Town Clerk to contact Cory Davis with Municipal Affairs and seek further information.
q) Home based business Re: Request to reduce minimum business tax. June 01/07 - Town Clerk informed Council that we received a request from a home based business to have the business tax reduced. The request was discussed and Council was informed that the business was being charged the minimum tax of $225.00. Council made a decision to deny the request based on the fact that all the other businesses that are being charged the same tax are paying and it would be unfair to them. Town Clerk to inform business owner of Councils decision.
r) Dept. of Environment & Conservation Lands Branch Re: Crown Land by the Fire Dept. June 04/07 - Mayor Miller read the letter from Crown Lands and informed council that we have to pay the back rental of $1,026.00 plus taxes and have another survey of the land done before we can proceed with the application. Council inquired as to why the rental was not paid on a yearly basis. Town Clerk explained that she has never received an invoice for land rental and was not aware that this was owed. Town Clerk to write and inquire why the Town did not receive yearly invoices before proceeding with the application.
s) Canadian Heritage Re: Canada Day grant of $200.00. June 04/07 - File t) Minister John Hickey Re: Agreeing to continue to snow clearing the road from Dunfield to the Trinity boundary. June 04/07 - Town Clerk informed Council that she has left a message with Barry Hoyles to find out the next step in the Town acquiring the road from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
u) Atlantic Canada Water Works Association workshop in St. Johns from Sept 30 to Oct 2/07. June 4/07 - File
v) HATCH Re: Prime Agreement between the Town and HATCH regarding water and sewer for Clinchess Lane. June 4/07 - To be signed.
w) Bartletts Electrical Re: Problems with a sewer connection to Bruce and Judy Grants home. June 04/07 - Council agreed that the Town Clerk seek further information from HATCH.

Outgoing Correspondence:
- Newsletter to all residents
- Letter to Brad Penney, Dept. of Municipal Affairs Re: Issuing a new Chlorine tester.
- Letter to Dean MacDonald Re: High Speed Internet.
- Letter of support for Bill C-417, the Canadian Soldiers and Peacekeepers Memorial Wall Act.
- Letter to David Osbourne denying his request to reduce the connection fee.
- Letter to Gerald Hiscock approving building permit.
- Letter to Ian Morris approval to build stone/slate wall.
- Letter to Helene Gareau approval to change windows/door and new shingles.
- Letter to the Trinity Historical Society approving addition to the Museum.
- Letter to the Trinity Historical Society approving replacement of roof and shingles for the Green Family Forge.
- Letter to businesses requesting list of employees.

Invoices For Operating Account from May 5th, to June 1st, 2007
Total invoices needing approval in Operating Acct. $ 13,587.23
Motion 2007-06-45:
was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to pay the outstanding invoices in the operating account, it was seconded by Councillor King. All in agreement, motion carried.

Income for Operating Account from May 5th, to June 1st, 2007.
Total Income for Operating Account $ 11,822.40
Total Invoices needing approval $16,194.24
Total Income for Capital Account from May 8th, to June 1st, 2007
Total Income for Capital Account $3,634.87

Status of bank account:
Operating Acct. March 30, 2007 $98,896.50
Capital Acct. March 30, 2007 $62,949.10
Trinity Day Festival March 30, 2007 $ 2,239.68
Gas Tax Funding March 30, 2007 $12, 658.21
Motion 2007-06-46:
was made by Councillor Hayter to pay invoice #45 to HATCH hold invoice #46 and accept the finances, it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

General/New Business
Town Clerk informed Council that she did not receive any written objection to the Coleridge property amendments so the public hearing scheduled for May 29th was cancelled. Motion 2007-06-47: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to adopt Municipal Plan Amendments Nos. 3 and 4, 2006 and Development Regulations Amendments Nos. 3 and 4, 2006, it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

Geoff Dawe made a request to replace two windows and add one extra (wooden windows). Deputy Mayor Coleridge informed Council that the heritage committee are recommending Mr. Dawes request. Approval was given as per the drawings.

Mayor Miller informed Council that Deputy Mayor Coleridge and himself had a meeting with representatives from Persona a few weeks ago, as well as Jeff Green from the Discovery Regional Development Board, regarding bringing high speed internet to Trinity. The meeting was a very positive one and at the end of the meeting it was determined that they would go back to cost out the expenses to bring this service to the Town and would get back to us in the near future. They also asked us to compile a list of possible customers that would be interested in receiving this service should they decide to provide it. Mayor Miller then informed Council that the approximate cost for high speed interned would vary depending on which packages people chose however businesses could get packages that varied from $75.00 - $300.00 per month (with an average being between $75.00 - $100.00) and residential being between $30.00 - $90.00. Persona also informed that if they were upgrading this service they would also upgrade the cable service to the area to that of what Clarenville is receiving which is approximately 40 channels. They estimated that it could be a combined package of high speed internet and cable for approximately $120.00 - $150.00 month or $1440.00 - $1800.00 per year. Mayor Miller encouraged everyone to continue to send in their letters and emails to the company as he had heard that they have received 75 to date. The more that the company hears from us the better the chances of getting the service. In light of that fact it was decided to post a notice in the post office and stores to see who may be interested in listing their names for such a service should it be made available. It was also suggested that Mayor Miller write a general letter that could be placed in every accommodation room in the Town, should the owners be willing to do so, to inform guests that we are trying to bring this service to the Town and we would like them to contact Persona to inform them that this is a necessary service for the Town.

A request from the Rising Tide Theatre to place an ad (150.00 + tax) in this years booklet. Approval given to place the ad.

Town Clerk informed Council that she contact the Town of Trinity Bay North to inquire about the cost of dumping fees. She went on to explain that the cost for the Town to use the dump in Catalina is $300.00 per month vs $125.00 per month it cost to use the dump in Charleston, and Catalina does not require a cleanup fee as the dump in Charleston do approximately $1,000 to $1,500. per year depending on the amount of debris to be moved. Council discussed this matter and the various pros and cons were considered; the distance, which would be an increase in the contractors price, the fact that all residents would have daily access (Monday to Friday) to the dump, the dump closes at 3:00 p.m. which would not allow the contractor to make two trips on regular garbage day. A decision to wait until the garbage contract ends on August 27th and further explore the option of the Town getting a truck and hiring a maintenance person to do this work.

Town Clerk informed Council that the ACOA contract needed to be finalized as it ends June 30th, and there is approximately $3,200. left in the account. Council asked the Town Clerk to get two price quote for topsoil and sods for the field in order to use the remainder of the funding. Mayor Miller explained that the road going to the Girl Guide Hut has collapsed onto Dickies Lane and this is a hazard to residents who walk Dickies Lane and the Town should have signs put up. Mayor Miller went on to explain that the Guides did not have the funds to repair the road and wondered what the Town could do. Council discussed this matter and decided to get two price quotes, to find out how much it will cost to repair the road and write the Regional Girl Guide Director and explain the situation and bring back to the next meeting. Town Clerk to have signs and snow fence to barricade Dickies Lane.

Town Clerk inquired as to who would be available to help out with the Canada Day celebrations, as Councillor King will be away. Council suggested sending Geoff Dawe an e-mail to find out if any of the seasonal residents would like to help out, as well put a call out to the community for volunteers.

Mayor Miller informed Council that he received a call from Mayor Betty Fitzgerald, Town of Bonavista, to join Bonavista and Trinity Bay North in getting more Cruise Ships into the three Towns. He went on to explain that his understanding was that the City of St. Johns has agreed to help market this area for free at any cruise ship conventions or meeting that they attended. He explained that he would have more information to bring to the next meeting.

Deputy Mayor Coleridge had some concerns regarding the new Provincial Travel Guide titled Lost and Found, the font was small, the map could not be looked at properly as some of the detail lay within the spine, the table of contents were confusing, the accommodations were listed separately, and referring to Trinity Bight as a community rater than the two municipalities of Trinity or Port Rexton was incorrect. Council decided to write a letter to the Minister of Tourism and outline these complaints.

Motion 2007-06-48: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m., it was seconded by Councillor Hayter. All in agreement, motion carried.

The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Centre.

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