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December 2007

A regular meeting of Council was held on Monday, December 10, 2007, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Centre, Trinity

Members Present:
Mayor Jim Miller
Deputy Mayor Eric Coleridge
Councillor Scott Goldsworthy
Councillor Joan Kane
Councillor Tineke Gow
Councillor Sherry Locke
Town Clerk Linda Sweet

Regrets: Councillor George Hayter

Delegates: Fire Chief, Fred Goldsworthy, Gerald Hiscock, David Marsh

Visitors: Helene Gareau, Albert Hiscock

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 2007-12-84: was made by Councillor Kane to adopt the minutes of November 05, 2007, it was seconded by Councillor Gow. All in agreement, motion carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:
Mayor Miller explained that some information from the previous meeting would be coming up later in this meeting .

Fire Department:
Fire Chief, Fred Goldsworthy notified council that the Cube Van was in the Fire Department and they will be working on it in the near future. As well Mr. Goldsworthy informed Council that the fire hydrants should be kept clear of snow in case of a fire.

Special Events Committee:
Councillor Locke inquired if the town would be sponsoring Light up Christmas this year. Council agreed that we would sponsor this event to be held on December 21st, at 7:00 p.m. with the first prize $100.00 second prize $50.00 and the third prize $25.00. Councillor Locke agreed to get a member of the committee to help select the winners, excluding members of council and staff.

Finance Committee:
Mayor Miller informed Council that the finance committee met last week to do final work on the 2008 budget. He explained the tax structure would remain the same as 2007 with no increase in taxes and this years budget is set at $241,947.00. 2007-12-85: was made by Councillor Kane to adopt the 2008 budget set at $241,947.00 and keep the tax structure the same as 2007, it was seconded by Councillor Locke. All in agreement, motion carried. Town Clerk to inform the public by newsletter when sending out the 2008 invoices.

Correspondence Received
a)E-mail from Ron Goulding, Environment & Conservation Re: Approval of sewage lift station overflow. November 05/07 - File
b) Municipal Assessment Agency Re: 2008 Assessment Service Fee. Nov 05/07 - File
c) Adrian Power, Dept. of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development Re: Receipt of application for funding through the Regional/Sectoral Diversification Fund for high speed internet access. Nov. 07/07 - Mayor Miller explained that high speed internet would not be coming to Port Rexton until sometime in the spring of 2008 and this would give us more time to work on our request for funding to offset the cost of bringing the service to Trinity.
d) George Squires Re: Asking council to reconsider previous request to apply 2006 connection fee taxes to 2007 property taxes. Nov. 13/07 - Council considered this request but the decision was denied. Town Clerk to inform.
e) Haseen Khan, P. Eng Re: Consultation sessions Canada-wide Municipal Wastewater Effluent Management Strategy. Nov. 13/07 - File
f) Municipal Finance Division Re: Annual Municipal Operating Grant and Debt Charges Schedules. Nov. 13/07 - File
g) Barb Vokey Re: Request to council to help with roaming moose. Nov. 14/07 - Town Clerk explained that this request was passed on to the Dept. of Wildlife.
h) Ron Goulding, Environment & Conservation Re: Water Street sewage pumping station, emergency overflow. Nov. 16/07 - File
i) Minister of Environment & Conservation Re: Permit to construct for West Street. Nov. 16/07 - File
j) Terry Breault Re: Building permit. Nov. 19/07 - Council requested a copy of the land survey and a plot plan and drawing of the shed and porch. Town Clerk to inform.
k) George Squires Re: Suggestion to apply for funding to build a slipway. Nov. 19/07 - Mayor Miller explained work is being done on obtaining a slipway for the area, and hopefully something will happen in the spring.
l) Minister of Municipal Affairs Re: Approval to call tenders for West Street. Nov. 22/07 - Mayor Miller explained that two tenders were received and both had overbid . He went on to explain that the project will be re-tendered in the new year and will include the complete package.
m) Barrow & Hodder Re: Legal Survey for crown land by the fire dept. Nov. 23/07 - Town Clerk explained that we should have the final approval for the land in the near future.
n) Municipal Assessment Agency Re: Copy of the annual report. Nov. 26/07 - File
o) Minister of Municipal Affairs Re: Provincial Government’s approval for additional funding in the amount of $30,000. Nov. 26/07 - File
p) Minister of Municipal Affairs Re: Denied request to have digital colorimeter replaced. Nov. 27/07 - Mayor Miller explained that he has written the Minister and requested to have our request reconsidered.
q) Eastern Health’s Annual Performance Report. Nov. 27/07 - File r) Joe Dunphy, Municipal Engineering Re: Client agreement acceptance of Hatch Mott MacDonald representing the Town on the West Street project. Nov. 30/07 - File
s) Municipal Assessment Agency Re: Notice of appeals for 2008, and a list of undeliverable addresses. Nov. 30/07 - File
t) Lions Club Re: Request for a donation to help with the annual parade. Council agreed to give $50.00. - File

Outgoing Correspondence
- Letter to Frank Huxter, Municipal Affairs Re: Request for emergency funding to wire and house the generator. File
- Letter to Glenys Hiscock Re: Request denied to have poll tax exempt. File
- Letter to Wayne Marsh Re: Clean up of property. File
- Letter to George Squires Re: Request to have connection fee applied to this years taxes denied. File
- Letters and Emergency & Disaster plan sent. File

Total invoices needing approval in Operating Acct. $20,168.14
Total Income for Operating Account $12,316.77

Status of bank account:
Operating Acct. November 30, 2007 $73,130.43

Capital Acct. November 30, 2007 $2,034.91

Trinity Day Festival November 30, 2007 $3,902.07

Motion 2007-12-86: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to pay the outstanding invoices in the operating account and accept the finances, it was seconded by Councillor Locke. All in agreement, motion carried.

General/New Business
Baxter Hookey requested to have hidden driveway sign placed near his property in Goose Cove. Council discussed this and agreed that a sign would be placed in the spring.

Mayor Miller explained that the town would require a new commissioner as our previous commissioner has moved. After some discussion it was decided that council would consider this and bring back recommendations to the next regular meeting.

Sea-Gull Construction requested to park their equipment by the Fire Department for the winter. Council discussed this matter and all agreed that until the land belonged to the town the equipment could not be parked there. Council agreed that as soon as the land agreement was at the office, permission was granted to park the equipment for the winter.

Mayor Miller explained that Henry Vokey was awarded the Order of NL on December 7th, and he has written a letter of congratulations on behalf of the town.

David Marsh explained to council that he was having financial difficulties and requested to pay his taxes by providing work services for the town. Council discussed this matter and agreed that Mr. Marsh could help with the retaining wall and other services for the town in order to pay off his taxes. Town Clerk informed Mr. Marsh to contact her in the morning to make some arrangements.

Gerald Hiscock, Helene Gareau, Albert Hiscock, Phyllis Elms and David Marsh requested to have a street light placed on Bugden’s Lane that would benefit the residents who live on the street. Gerald Hiscock explained that the light that was placed on the corner of the street has no benefit to the remainder of the street. He went on to explain that the citizens on Bugden’s Lane are full time residents and council should reconsider where the street light should be placed and requested council to vote on whether or not the residents would be getting a light on Bugden’s Lane. After some discussion council agreed to have the light on the corner of Bugden’s Lane removed and moved to the centre of the street to accommodate the residents.

Town Clerk informed council that Pat Ryan had some concerns regarding the entrance to the former Vokey shipyard being blocked off in case of an emergency. Town Clerk went on to say that she contacted the Assistant Fire Chief , Doug Ballett and he explained that if a fire took place the fire hoses could still reach the buildings. Council agreed and informed the Town Clerk to advise Ms. Ryan.

Gerald Hiscock had some concerns regarding snow clearing, the conditions of the roads, and the time it takes to get the roads cleared. Mayor Miller explained that some members of council would be meeting with the contractor later in the week to discuss snow clearing issues and hopefully the condition of the roads will be improved.

Councillor Hayter attended the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

Deputy Mayor Coleridge had some concerns as to why it took so long to receive power when Newfoundland Power has a power plan in Lockston. Mayor Miller agreed to write NL Power to inquire.

Deputy Mayor Coleridge inquired about the light being out at Fort Point light house. Councillor Hayter informed that the worker’s were aware.

Motion 2007-12-87: was made by Councillor Goldsworthy to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m., it was seconded by Deputy Mayor Coleridge. All in agreement, motion carried.

Next regular meeting will be held on February 04, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Centre.

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